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Most vodka takes itself way too seriously. It’s pretentious. It’s vain. It’s expensive. But vodka should be fun. It’s smooth. And it can even taste like marshmallows. Vodka mixes with anything and everyone, and when you’re on top, you love to mix it up; which is exactly what we’re out to do.

Pinnacle® Vodka is fun. It comes in a bright blue bottle. It comes in lots of flavors and its drinkers come in even more. Because Pinnacle® Vodka is anything but exclusive. Everyone is invited, and your name is always on the list.

When you’re drinking Pinnacle® Vodka, you’re up for anything. Your every entrance is announced by trumpets, and all the cabs hail you. It doesn’t matter if you end up on a rooftop with a view, or stay in with friends; you’re out to have a memorable night. After all, It’s More Fun On Top™.

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